English drama in Secondary

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Today, all the Secondary students have attended With a little bit of luck (Barakaldo). The show is a comic treatment of the superstitions that govern our day to day lives and it shows us that we ourselves can change our luck or destiny.

The plot is really simple. It’s 1963. The world is enjoying a good economic climate, the latest advances in technology and Rock ´n´ Roll. Harry is the owner of a ruined hotel in an isolated town. It is only rarely that a lost traveller passes through, and it seems that the world is passing Harry and his dreams by. He feels that his luck has run out and destiny has given him a rough deal.

Bob is a con-artist who lives by her good luck and the bad luck of others. Her trickery allows her to see the world and take advantage of all it has to offer.
Harry thinks up a plan to put an end to his misery. If he could sell his hotel he could set up a better life. But selling a hotel in the back of beyond without clients or prospects will not be easy. If he also has to trick a con-artist, depend on the locals for help and rebuild a ruin, he’s going to need more than a little bit of luck.

We are looking forward to coming back next year.